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"A web based tool that allows the user to visualize, measure, share and extract 3D point cloud data."


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Site Survey for building permit - Vernon, BC

In this project we flew the site and used the data to create a site plan that was submitted to the local building department to obtain a building permit to build a new shed. The link was also used by our client to send to subcontractors for their planning & design of the shed construction and an access driveway.

Site Survey for Utility Construction - Langley, BC

In this project we flew the site and delivered the data to our client who used it to extract measurements that would have been inefficient and difficult to measure via traditional means. They needed to know the heights & locations of trees to ensure they wouldn't interfere with the utilities that were to be installed. We were able to save our client time & money.

Project Stakeholders Management - Northern BC

In this project we have been in charge of processing and delivering UAV data for the purpose of the stakeholders of this large industrial construction project to be able to monitor its progress and pull quality control measurements from off site.

Site Survey for Utility Construction - Delta, BC

Similarly to the Langley project, our client was installing utilities infrastructure and needed a site plan for design purposes. We were able to integrate UAV data with traditional surveying measurements to provide a better quality deliverable at a better price compared to if it were to be surveyed with traditional means only.


Shea Gleadle is the founder and creator The 3rd Dimension. He got his Bachelor of Science in Geomatics Engineering from the British Columbian Institute of Technology in 2013 and has 14 years of experience in the Survey industry

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